About Us
MetaOasis DAO
One of the first DAO projects with a special focus on Metaverse Assets (Land/NFT/Token) Investment and Development.

MetaOasis DAO aims to become a gateway to facilitate investment and creativity into metaverse assets and offers a more accessible means to invest, develop and collaborate ideas on community-owned metaverse assets.
MetaOasis DAO
How does the
MetaOasis DAO work?
To invest in various virtual lands and other metaverse assets, build up a diversified community-owned portfolio, and capture the value appreciation of the metaverse
To provide a more accessible means to invest, develop and collaborate on community-owned metaverse assets together
To structure as a DAO in terms of governing and operating in openness and transparency
To issue $MOS token as both utility and governance token within the ecosystem of the DAO
Updated on May 2rd, 2022
Our Land Portfolio
We have expanded our presence to various metaverse lands projects, including...
Lands under construction
Lands purchased
Lands staked for passive income
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Genesis PFP NFT Collection
Zzoopers Genesis is a collection of 5555 unique animal avatars. They are born on the Ethereum blockchain and ready to cross and explore so many different metaverses that MetaOasis DAO will expand our development to.
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Want to join a passionate and creative community to build something in the metaverse together?
You have come to the right place!
The MetaOasis DAO welcomes everyone who is excited about the opportunities in the metaverse. Join us to invest, design and build and have fun together in the metaverse!
2022 Q2
  • Complete the first NFT avatar sale event
  • Continue to expand the DAO's portfolio of land assets across a number of metaverse
  • Completion of the DAO's first experience on lands owned by the DAO
2022 Q3
  • Complete the first public sale
  • List $MOS on DEX
  • Continue to develop additional experience on lands owned by the DAO
  • Continue to build upon the Zzoopers NFT IP through value adding initiatives
2022 Q4
  • Launch designer/creator hackathon events
  • List $MOS on a leading CEX