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Take a glimpse at our upcoming game in the Sandbox Alpha Season 3
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Keep pace with MANY developments and updates of MetaOasis DAO.
Aug 10
Announcing our partnership with CrossSpace
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July 21
Catch up with recent good news brought by MetaOasis DAO
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July 12
Metaverse Project MetaOasis DAO Raised $1.5M in Seed Round Co-led by KuCoin Ventures and Others
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About us
Creation Platform
Making it easier for brands/projects, creators and users to establish a presence in the metaverse
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MetaOasis DAO
How does the
MetaOasis DAO work?
Step 1 (Now)
Build self-owned presence in the metaverse from scratch
Step 2
Establish a network of talents: Metaverse Creators Academy
Step 3
Become a one-stop solution to allow users to easily build a variety of contents in the metaverse
What we can do for brands and projects?
MetaOasis DAO - MaaS
We offer MaaS (Metaverse-as-a-service) to help brands and projects to establish a metaverse presence in a hassle-free way.
Design and Development
Provide comprehensive design and development solution to turn ideas into reality in the metaverse to offer just the kind of experience brand/project owners want for their audience.
Metaverse Marketing & Promotion
One-stop NFT customization, branding and marketing. Grow and engage communities in multiple metaverse platforms.
A Quick Sneak Peek at our Current Progress (90% completed)
Our first
in The Sandbox
Our first Headquarter in The Sandbox, called City Oasis, is an immersive social hub we build to engage and empower communities.
Genesis PFP NFT Collection
Zzoopers Genesis is a collection of 2929 unique animal avatars. They are born on the Ethereum blockchain and ready to cross and explore so many different metaverses that MetaOasis DAO will expand our development to.
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What we have built for our partners
We are collaborating with many brands/IPs/projects to build branded assets across the metaverse. If you have any business-related questions, please contact us through one of our official channels or send an email to .
Digital Art
BCA Gallery
Digital Art
Aston Martin SH
Digital Art
2022 Q3
  • Complete the first sale event of Zzoopers Genesis
  • Launch first metaverse experience in Alpha Season 3 of the Sandbox
  • Continue to develop different experiences on lands owned by the DAO
  • Cooperate with Web3 and brands/IP/projects on branding presence in the metaverse
  • Launch Metaverse Creators Academy
  • Close the private round financing
  • Prepare for a public sale of $MOS
2022 Q4
  • Hold events and deliver the utilities to Zzoopers Genesis
  • Accumulate 50+ creators in Metaverse Creators Academy
  • Accumulate 2K+ assets and creator materials in the Metaverse Asset Library
  • Launch designer/creator hackathon events
  • List $MOS on DEX
  • List $MOS on a leading CEX
  • Continue to develop self-owned metaverse IPs and presence
  • Cooperate with 10+ Web3 and traditional brands/IPs/projects on branding presence in the metaverse
  • Accumulate 20k+ assets and creator materials in the Metaverse Asset Library and launch alpha version
  • Accumulate 200+ creators in Metaverse Creators Academy
MetaOasis DAO
Our Investors and Partners